It’s believed that an ideal beauty product should be entirely natural. Actually, it’s a good idea to follow this path – nature is the best beauty factory. So far this factory has produced substances exhibiting incredible beauty properties. For example, the rejuvenating substances are so strong that there is no laboratory that would be able to recreate and develop its synthetic alternatives. Argan oil belongs to the leading group of original and genuine substances that haven’t been counterfeited. This especially applies to 100% pure, organic and certified oil like Nanoil Argan Oil.

Find out why this is the best natural conditioner for all hair types.

Argan Oil: Properties and Composition

Damaged, dry and thinning hair with dehydrated ends and weakened structure, deprived of shine and elasticity – this is the field where Argan Oil produces the best results. Its strong suit is the unique composition, fast absorption rate (infinitesimal comedogenic effect) and approximately 100 active substances that leave skin and hair beautified and conditioned fast. Actually, beauty properties of argan oil are so incredibly vast that many scientific publications discussing this issue were published. The most distinguishable features of Argan Oil are:

  • high concentration of vitamin E the lack of which causes matte and brittle hair
  • plant sterols abundance which are responsible for keeping cells in a good condition
  • optimal balance of good fatty acids that sweep away free radicals and control the processes occurring in hair matrix
  • a huge amount of regenerating flavonoids which considerably and gradually improve hair structure
  • squalene presence that constitutes skin protecting barrier and conditions hair
  • β-carotene which is an antioxidant responsible for skin reinforcement
  • protecting lutein that shields against UV rays, neutralizes adverse effects of sunbathing (it helps skin get a tan and extends its lifespan)
  • rejuvenating polyphenols that intensively condition mature skin, improve the state of hair and nails, rebuild hydro-lipid barrier of skin and prevent water loss

Argan oil gained its popularity mainly thanks to being an entirely natural and at the same time advanced hair conditioner. What may appear to be surprising though, this natural substance offers more than solving hair problems only. For example, Argan Oil is able to fight back cellulite and stretch marks, it smooths skin out and erases wrinkles, takes care of and conditions fingernails, maintains skin suppleness and can be used as an ingredient in homemade beauty products (hair washes, scalp conditioners, scrubs, masks).

nanoil oil baby argan oil

Argan Oil by Nanoil: The Best, 100% Natural, Genuine, Moroccan

Nanoil Argan Oil is an exceptional, fully natural oil that is pure and free from additives, silicones and parabens. Obtained due to cold-pressing, unrefined and 100% organic – you can be certain that you buy the purest Moroccan Gold. Each drop of Argan Oil hides the essence of what is best in fresh kernels of Argania Spinosa trees.

What Can Nanoil Argan Oil Do?

  • Slows down hair loss and reinforces hair follicles.
  • Cleanses scalp.
  • Encourages hair to grow long.
  • Thickens a hairstyle, leaves hair light and voluminous.
  • Nourishes, strengthens hair, improves its looks and structure.
  • Intensifies hair shine and smooths hair out.
  • Reduces wrinkles and slows down skin aging processes.
  • One of the best night face, hair and skin serums.
  • Neutralizes free radicals, shields against UV rays and urban pollution.
  • Takes care of and protects skin during tanning.
  • Stimulates cell self-renewal processes.
  • Moisturizes and prevents water loss.
  • Improves suppleness of skin.
  • Regenerates hair follicles.

Nanoil Argan Oil: Profile

argan oil argan kernelsExtraction method: first pressed, pressing process
Pressed material: selected kernels of Argania Spinosa tree
Quality: the highest, 100% pure and unrefined oil
INCI: Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil
Crop: eco-friendly, certified by Ecocert (independent, international certification given to the highest quality BIO products)

Nanoil Argan Oil: Application

  • Directly on face and/or entire body skin.
  • To the entire hair length and scalp.
  • To severely dry body parts: heels, elbows, hands.
  • Conditions hair, eyelashes and eyebrows.
  • Strengthens brittle nails, leaves them shiny.
  • Can be used in body massage, helps to relax fatigued muscles.
  • Can be added to a bath (skin doesn’t need an extra moisturizing).
  • Can be used instead of regular sun oils, soothes erythema.

Nanoil Argan Oil: Comments

Indeed, Argan Oil by Nanoil keeps receiving positive reviews. A huge group of argan oil supporters is owed to the stunning effects that the oil is able to produce. This is one of the world’s most popular beauty oils that everyone should have in their bathroom. Moreover, Nanoil Argan Oil is also recognized for being cost-effective. This is the best argan oil that you can get for a good price.

Nanoil Argan Oil: Buy

The most reliable source of Nanoil Argan Oil is the official website. Go on and learn more about the incredible properties of Liquid Gold of Morocco.