Marula oil is still little-known in cosmetic industry. It’s a pity as it is one of the most precious oils in the world.

It is extracted from an African tree which is also called the elephants’ tree – it’s a real treat for these animals. Marula, in the form of golden oil, should also become a treat for your hair. Why? It has very well balanced fatty omega-3, 6 and 9 acids. Oleic acid reigns among the acids. It belongs to the group of unsaturated omega-9 fatty acids. This means that the oil is a semi-absorbing oil which is perfect for medium porosity hair. Most women in the world have this type of hair.

It also contains high concentration of antioxidants in the form of natural vitamins E and C. The shortage of these vitamins causes premature aging of hair which loses vitality and bounce and even starts to fall out.

Marula oil can be used independently or in combination with other oils which offer similar action. The best oils will be the ones which have similar particles, namely semi-absorbing oils, including: argan, almond, macadamia, sesame, peanut, avocado or olive oil.

What are the methods of hair oiling with the use of marula oil?

1. Drought

Apply marula oil to unwashed and dry hair. Delicate massage during the application is a good idea as it strengthens hair bulbs. After minimum two hours, wash the oil away with a shampoo. Leaving it overnight and washing away in the morning is a good solution.

2. Moisture

Wet your hair gently before applying the oil. After wet oiling, hair will be better moisturized and nourished. Keep the oil on your hair for two hours.

3. Spray

You can add a few drops of marula oil to mineral, boilt or demineralized water and pour the mixture to an atomiser bottle. You might enrich the spray with your favourite essential oil. Instead of water, you can use a herbal brew e.g. camomile, nettle, green or white tea brew. Feel free to use the spray whenever you like, both on wet and dry hair.