Camellia is nothing else but evergreen tea tree growing mostly in the area of China and Japan. For this reason camellia oil obtained from seeds of Camellia Japonica is also known as Tea Seed Oil.

In Japan and China this oil is a true revelation.

It hit the cosmetic, food and medical market. It is as popular as olive oil in Europe. Camellia tree reminds olive trees, and for this reason is called olive oil from the Far East. What is more, it has also as wide use as its European friend. However, camellia oil contains more unsaturated fatty acids (even 86% of oleic acid). Is significantly increases its antioxidant properties. Therefore it has better ability to neutralize free radicals, which may damage the cell membrane. This may result in cancer and premature ageing of the skin. And so, this oil inhibits the ageing processes of the skin and hair, and takes care of our health.

Let’s just concentrate on the cosmetic properties of the oil. In what way it can help us preserve beauty and young appearance of skin and hair?

1. Takes care of the right level of hydration of hair, scalp and entire body. Because the oil absorbs very well and quickly as well as penetrates the deepest layers of the human skin.
2. Massaged in scalp before hair wash, deals with dandruff.
3. Used as a hair mask can make hair grow faster.
4. Lotion with the oil applied prior to hair wash makes hair less prone to falling out.
5. Camellia oil nourishes hair on their entire length.
6. Is perfect for the winter season, because it prevents fly-away hair. Rub it in dry hair from the middle of their length. It can also be applied on damp strands right after hair wash and leave it in.
7. Protects against harmful sun radiation, because consists of natural UV filter.
8. It can easily replace nail conditioner, because it strengthens brittle nails and moisturises dry cuticles.
9. Is great for body massage. Moisturises and nourishes even sensitive or very dry skin.