Oil from evergreen jojoba shrub is the best for damaged hair. In fact, it should be called wax, because it solidifies when placed in the fridge. It is a remedy for all hair related problems, because it contains the ideal fatty acids omega and squalene proportions.

Where does it come from? Jojoba oil is obtained from Simmondsia Chinensis and – contrary to the name – it does not come from China. This is a shrub common to the desert regions of Central America.

The tiny seeds of organic jojoba, contain lots of oil with precious properties.

How does jojoba oil work?

Jojoba oil looks like liquid golden wax, which is easy to apply on skin and absorbs really fast without leaving greasy layer. It is one of the oils with feather-light formula, that is also stable oil. By penetrating deepest hair layers, jojoba oil nourishes and strengthens. It limits excess water loss by cells in skin and hair, while at the same time its structure is similar to natural substances in sebum. Thanks to it, jojoba oil for hair regulates oily scalp and is responsible for proper pH.

Jojoba oil for hair:

  • prevents dryness, because it protects hair against water loss,
  • calms scalp inflammations, so it eliminates, e.g. dandruff,
  • regulates sebum secretion, which limits oily hair,
  • protects against free radicals and provides hair with health,
  • improves work of follicles, what impacts hair strengthening.

Jojoba oil use

Not many plants contain rare omega-7 acid and such a perfect balance between omega-3 and omega-6 acids. In fact, these are responsible for jojoba oil being so great for hair. It can be applied on the entire hair length, ends alone or on the scalp. It absorbs great and leaves only soft in touch hair.