If the condition of your hair is far from perfect, you better check if your current shampoo isn’t perhaps the one to blame. Have you ever heard about a micellar shampoo? This is a real hit in hair care that left hair stylists amazed!

Micellar shampoo won the title of the iconic product. With its help you will take care both of the hair and scalp as you have never had a chance before. Continue reading to find out what micellar shampoo exactly is, how it works and which one to pick.

Why should you start thinking about a decent shampoo?

We love beauty products, don’t we? We don’t mind spending hours searching for facial creams formulated with some fancy ingredients, yet we are fine with regular shampoos. It’s a pity because this cosmetic has a tremendous influence over the state of our hair and scalp. A hair conditioner has nothing to do with cleansing and scalp care. The active agents in shampoos are able to reach deeper.

HIT! Micellar shampoo! How does it work? How to choose the best one?

Micellar shampoo – what exactly is it?

Simply put, this is a shampoo containing micelles, which are tiny molecules showing extraordinary abilities. Their structure isn’t typical either, because micelles are made up of phospholipids (water and oil phases). And this is how they are able to draw out all the cosmetic residues and impurities creating a build-up that needs to be removed from your strands.

How does a micellar lotion work?

When you wash the hair using a regular shampoo, you simply rinse out a part of impurities, mainly sebum and dust. Micellar shampoo, however, deals with cleansing the hair and scalp far better because micelles are able to fish out not only oil but also silicones, toxins and hair styling products residues.

In addition, micelles don’t only cleanse the hair but also leave the scalp fresh and balances the pH. They are even able to restore skin’s pH. Micellar shampoo combats dryness and makes sure that the hydro-lipid barrier of the scalp remains undisturbed.

Apart from leaving the hair and scalp perfectly clean, micellar shampoos – alike regular shampoos – replenish strands with water and nutrients.


Micellar shampoo = deep cleansing + balanced the pH of the skin + nourishment
Regular shampoo = cleansing + subtle nourishment

How to choose a decent micellar shampoo?

If you want to treat your hair to the top-notch treatment, try to find a micellar shampoo containing:

  • panthenol, which is vitamin B5 – it soothes and calms scalp down, leaves hair lustrous and improves moisture retention in the hair
  • lanolin – conditions hair and scalp, combats dryness, protects hair from damage and reinforces the lipid layer of the scalp
  • allantoin – smooths hair surface
  • herbal/plant extracts – they nourish, handle seborrhea, soothe and moisturize, deal with scalp hyper-reactivity
  • natural oils – they suit everywhere, they are the basic element of personal care and are the rich source of unsaturated fatty acids

Micellar shampoo: Who is it suited to?

The truth is that micellar shampoo is a perfect beauty product for everyone. It should be found useful in the summer when the scalp attracts more impurities and grime than normally. Get one if your hair is thin and fragile or when it’s dull and brittle. If you often use hair styling products or if you treat the hair to natural oils regularly, you should consider micellar shampoo as your best friend. With its help you will clean out the hair and scalp.