We hear a lot about hair care with natural methods. It is recommended to use home made conditioning methods, cosmetics and vegetable oils. What should we do if we need complex moisture and we deal with an issue of weak hair prone to falling out?

The solution to it may be hair rinse with flax.

What do we need for home made rinse?

  • 1 table spoon of linen (flax),
  • 1 tea spoon of linseed oil,
  • 2 glasses of cold water.

How to prepare hair rinse?

1. First we have to boil water (one glass). It shouldn’t be boiling hot, to avoid scalding the flax seeds. After boiling water, e.g. in a kettle, we need to put it aside for few minutes.
2. Pour water on the seeds and put aside for a few minutes under a covers. It is best to do it in a small pot, in which we can cook it.
3. After few minutes put pot with flax on the cooker and boil it again. It is not necessary position, but few minutes of cooking is beneficial.
4. After few minutes, when it will have a bit gel consistency, strain the brew on the sieve. Seeds are not necessary, because they would make application much more difficult.
5. Strained and hot brew needs to be enriched with linseed oil. One tea spoon of linseed oil mixed with rinse made of flax is enough.
6. Add rest of cold water to the rinse (one glass), to get more liquid consistency and to lower the temperature of brew.
7. Soak hair in prepared rinse (e.g. bowl or washbasin). Wet with linseed oil rinse hair wrap in towel.
8. After about an hour thoroughly wash hair with delicate shampoo without harmful weighting substances.

What effects can we expect after linseed oil rinse?

Results, which you can expect after use of linseed oil rinse are similar to those made by other masks and conditioners with flax base. You should remember that after first use hair can be stiff and more difficult to comb, but after two uses this effect will go away and hair will be more liable for stylisation, more disciplined, moisturised and glossy. Linseed oil rinse can also make hair regain their natural curl.