Ayurveda is an Indian medicine and philosophy, which describes properties of brahmi (Bacopa Monninieri) as magical. Barhmi in Sanskrit means “the Goddess of Supreme Wisdom”. The plant was named this way, because of its meaning for the processes in the brain, which is beyond measure. Brahmi improves thinking and concentration. It improves memory and calms stress related with e.g. hard work requiring mental effort. For this reason students, elderly people and those who have difficulty with memory and consociating are so keen on its use.

Brahmi makes mind clear and in beneficial way impacts the intellect.

Brahmi means “goddess” and there is a good reason for it containing feminine element. After all, it contributes to not only maintenance of what’s in the head, but also what’s on it. Thus, brahmi is very effective in hair care. The oil from green plant is loved by every woman. Brahmi is irreplaceable remedy for all problems related to hair and scalp. Why? Let’s enumerate the most important hair care properties of the green goddess.

  • Prevents hair loss.
  • Stimulates hair growth. Everyone dreaming about long hair should reach for brahmi oil.
  • Eliminates brittleness of hair.
  • Prevents grey hair.
  • Helps eliminate dandruff and other tiresome scalp diseases.
  • Brahmi takes care of hair ends. Prevents split ends and dryness.
  • Oil works as natural emollient – it means that it covers hair with a protective layer, that retains water in the hair structure. Thanks to it hair have right level of hydration.
  • Brahmi oil is perfect for scalp massage. This improves blood circulation in blood cells and speeds up absorption of nourishing substances contained in brahmi.
  • The plant consists of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It supports tissue regeneration and improves processes taking place in skin and hair. Regular use of brahmi oil inhibits ageing processes.

Brahmi oil has mostly form of oil or mix of oils used for the treatment combined with scalp massage. In herbalist’s shops can be acquired drought brahmi, which is great for hair lotion.