Many women are bothered by thin, volume-less hair. If the roots aren’t lifted, the hair looks unfresh and dirty. Volume depends on the haircut, not the length of strands. How to give it a boost?

Volume is the feature that has the biggest beautifying effect on hair. It isn’t true that short hair has more volume than long hair. It’s just easier to add volume to short strands because long strands are way heavier. If your hair is long and you want to keep it voluminous, get it layered.

How to get more volume?

A good hairdresser knows how to match the cut to the hair type in order to get the volume. The right haircut is the key thing.

If your hair is stubbornly thin, give up on shampoos based on oils and other deeply-conditioning ingredients. Choose ones that are gentle and won’t weigh the strands down. Use a dry shampoo from time to time to freshen up the hairdo and absorb the oil excess for fuller-looking hair.


Washing seems so obvious but most of you make basic mistakes. You probably heard to rinse the hair with cold water. This isn’t true because hair doesn’t like extreme temperatures. Cold water keeps the cuticles closed so the shampoo and other products can’t penetrate the hair. On the other hand, hot water opens them so hair is easily damaged. Always rinse using lukewarm water to keep the hair in good condition and add some volume. Also, wash the scalp gently, using the fingertips. By thinning the shampoo with some water you can easily and thoroughly shampoo the hair, plus you don’t waste the product. As far as the blow-dry routine goes, use a diffuser to lift the roots for voluminous, lively hair.

Volume-boosting products

Improper hair care is the most common cause of flat, unhealthy hair. To fix it, always pick products designed for your hair type. Otherwise you will only make your hair worse. Go for products featuring natural substances because strong detergents cause scalp irritations. Define the porosity of your hair and start conscious hair care!

Never skip hair conditioners since hair needs nourishing after every wash. Choose the right one for your hair type. Apply it to the ends, avoiding the roots.

If you strive for bigger volume, pick leave-in conditioners that hydrate the hair and restore resilience. Bothered by fine hair? Never use products that leave the hair stiff. Use a dry hairspray which doesn’t weigh hair down or make it stiff.

Curl your hair!

Waves and curls make the hair look more voluminous. You don’t need heat styling, though. There are plenty of natural methods that let you get the desired look without a curling wand or flat iron. Remember to choose the curl type that goes with your face shape.