Pracaxi oil is extracted from the fruits of the tree growing in Central and West Africa. The seeds contain more or less 35% fat from which also oil and butter for food industry are produced. Pracaxi oil is used in cosmetology as well.

It is an ingredient of masks and shampoos; it is also used as an individual conditioning cosmetic.

Pracaxi oil has a liquid consistency therefore it is extremely easy to apply and is absorbed in the hair and scalp quite quickly. It doesn’t leave greasy layer or sticky hair; it may only smudge clothes and the skin of face and neck. It strongly moisturizes and makes hair shiny. It protects hair from UV radiation, impurities of the external environment and drying action of the ingredients included in some washing and colouring products. It makes brushing easier and speeds up blow-drying. Also, the oil prevents frizzy and electrified hair as well as smooths and nourishes hair. How should pracaxi oil be used?

There are a few methods of application of pracaxi oil. The product can be applied to both dry and wet hair. How is it done? Warm up a small amount of oil in hands, spread it evenly over the hair and leave to dry off freely. Don’t apply the cosmetic to the scalp. This application method makes your hair shiny and moisturized. You may as well apply the oil to washed and damp strands. However, remember to wash the foam away thoroughly and use a paper towel to get rid of excess water. Then, wash the oil away and apply your favourite conditioner to hair ends. Did you know that pracaxi oil can be added to masks and shampoos? Firstly, wash your head with a purifying shampoo and remove excess water from the strands. Add a few drops of oil to a mask and apply the mixture to hair. Follow the instructions presented on the masks’s package. Pracaxi oil alleviates the action of hair dye with a high concentration of ammonia. Hair will be moisturized, strengthened and restored.

Pracaxi oil is deisgned for every hair and scalp type care. It contains no artificial ingredients, colourants and parabens. Our hair doesn’t tolerate silicones and we won’t find them among ingredients. It’s a good idea to do an allergy skin test before first application. If no irritation occurs after some time from the application of pracaxi oil, feel free to start the treatment.