Sweet almond oil is one of the best oils for hair care. It smells wonderful and works even better. Due to vitamins and fatty acids in the composition, it provides hair with smoother, hydration and protection. Your hair will fall in love with almond oil action.

The best properties of almond oil are obtained in the cold pressing or in the 30 degrees temperate. For its extraction are necessary almond tree seeds.

There are two types of almond oil:

  • sweet almond oil with use in cosmetology and pharmacy,
  • bitter almond oil with toxic compounds, which are difficult to remove.

Almond oil is known for its aroma therapeutic action. Its gentle and sweet scent can perfectly calm. You inhale it with pleasure, this is why so many women frequently use almond oil for face skin care. It ensures skin with:

  • proper hydration level,
  • silky smoother,
  • healing action for eczema and psoriasis, etc.

It can be also used as an individual cosmetic, which should be protected against sun exposure, so that it wouldn’t lost its precious properties. It is sold in dark bottles. Frequently, almond oil is implemented in production of cosmetics for skin, massage and for babies.


Hair care with almond oil is recommended when you have problematic hair. Almond oil belongs to semi-drying oils, which contain more monounsaturated fatty acids. This qualifies this oil as suitable for medium porosity hair. Dry, weak and slightly damaged hair with split ends is provided with:

  • strengthening for lipid barrier,
  • deep hydration, that results with silky soft hair,
  • inter cellular renewal and regeneration,
  • protection against harmful factors: the sun, UV, temperature.