Moringa oil is a surprising “newcomer” from Africa.

In that part of the world, Moringa tree used for obtaining oil with the same name – is believed to be sacred and is called “the tree of miracle”. It belongs to the group of so called superfood, i.e. the healthiest food in the world. Therefore, you can conclude that obtained oil can surprise with its beneficial properties as much as the tree, which every part is edible or has unique healing action.

Moringa oil is obtained in the cold pressing of ripe seeds of the Moringa tree.

Moringa oil – what does it contain?

  • monounsaturated fatty acids (mostly oleic acid in omega-9 group, which is about 75% of all fatty acids present in moringa oil)
  • vitamin E – so called “youth vitamin”, inhibits ageing processes
  • vitamin A – thanks to which hair stop falling out; supports hair growth
  • vitamin C – strong antioxidant, improves hair elasticity
  • potassium – prevents hair loss and hair weakening
  • iron – its deficit causes weakening of follicles and increased hair loss
  • chromium – strengthens hair on their entire length and is responsible for good condition of hair bulbs
  • manganese – its deficit causes inhibited hair growth and split ends; it is a protective shield against free radicals
  • boron – holds antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action; eliminates dandruff and other scalp diseases

Moringa oil – how does it work on hair?

Due to high concentration of oleic acid, vitamins and elements responsible for beauty and health of hair, moringa oil effectively and with a long lasting effect nourishes strands and scalp. Here are the most important properties of moringa oil:

  • strengthens hair bulbs
  • takes care of scalp
  • protects hair
  • helps with elimination of dandruff
  • inhibits ageing processes in hair
  • regenerates even very dry hair
  • provides gloss even to extremely matte hair
  • prevents hair loss
  • speeds up hair growth