Grape seed oil is extracted from grape seeds in the process of cold pressing. Obtained liquid is unrefined, thanks to which it preserves its all properties and ingredients. If you want to use it as long as it is possible then store it in a proper conditions, i.e. original packaging and dry place deprived of light.

Grape seed oil is recommended for hair care of all hair types.

It can be used by both men and women, and it will certainly help everyone gain beautiful hair and deal with scalp diseases. Grape seed oil consists of soothing and regenerative properties, helps with dandruff, psoriasis, excess sebum secretion and oily hair. What is more, product regulates sebaceous glands and provides scalp with natural pH. Grape seed oil protects hair against harmful factors from external world. It protects hair also against UV radiation, mechanical and chemical damages, regular hairdresser’s treatments (dyeing, drying, straightening). This cosmetic covers hair with moisturising layer, which ensures additional smoother and gloss. Grape seed oil helps with combing and stylisation of hair, as well as tames undisciplined streaks.

How should you use grape seed oil? Cosmetic can be used both on damp and dry hair. It will perfectly help with hair care of short and long, thick and fine, straight and curly hair, no matter their porosity. Grape seed oil can be added to your favourite cosmetics and then applied on hair. Product will handle split ends and protect hair against dryness. Grape seed oil is great for oil treatment. Just apply it on the scalp and an entire hair. If you want to improve oil’s properties, perform massage, it will boost blood circulation, strengthen roots and follicles and accelerate absorption of nourishing ingredients contained in oil. Right after application of oil, put on plastic cap and towel, it will improve absorption of active ingredients. After approximately an hour rinse hair with warm water and leave them to dry.