Coriander seed oil – what is it?

Coriander oil is obtained in the cold pressing of coriander seeds. This way is extracted oily substance, which couldn’t be further from known and commonly used culinary seasoning. Coriander seed oil is used mostly for strengthening hair. Why?

What does the oil obtained form this popular seasoning contain?

What’s in the coriander seed oil composition?

Coriander seed oil consists of plenty unsaturated fatty acids, folic acid and beta-carotene. Thanks to all that, it provides scalp with right condition, improves processes on its surface.

Coriander oil contains also numerous vitamins: A, C, K. These contribute to hair repair, inhibit ageing processes in strands and strengthen hair bulbs. Due to this action, hair grow stronger and thicker. Moreover, coriander seed oil holds lots of minerals: potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium. Lack of these minerals causes weakening of hair and its falling out. Minerals are one of the ingredients the most essential to hair functioning. These are directly responsible for how dense hair is and take care of it to grow stronger.

Coriander seed oil – what is its action on hair?

Coriander oil speeds up hair growth due to its direct action on hair bulbs. Prevents split ends and eliminates dandruff and excess sebum secretion. It takes care of not only scalp and hair bulbs, but also general strands appearance. For this reason coriander oil enhances shine and makes hair soft and silky in touch.