Beneficial influence on the skin and the ability to soothe menstrual pain – two most commonly mentioned properties of evening primrose oil. But you can use it in your beauty care routine without limitations. Are you looking for a remedy for falling out hair? You have just found it!

Evening primrose oil strengthens the immunity of body cells. It is cold-pressed from carefully picked seeds of evening primrose – a plant of intensely yellow flowers.

You can drink it but products with evening primrose oil are far more effective.

How does evening primrose oil work?


Evening primrose oil offers a variety of uses in cosmetics. It helps the skin restore elasticity, fights off psoriasis, delivers anti-inflammatory and bactericidal action. What is more, it soothes scalp itching that often comes with e.g. dandruff or greasy hair. Evening primrose oil is excellent in case of problematic hair because it controls the work of sebaceous glands. Proper sebum and skin pH level reduces the occurrence of dandruff and greasy hair.


Excessive sebum does not disturb hair bulbs, therefore evening primrose oil effectively strengthens hair. It repairs damaged hair and controls moisture level. All these benefits make it a superb strengthening treatment. Evening primrose oil prevents hair loss and reduces the risk of balding. Hair grows stronger, healthier and longer because nothing disturbs its proper development. Natural evening primrose oil is a remedy for any hair problem.

What does evening primrose oil contain?

Evening primrose oil owes its excellent qualities to the ingredients. It contains lots of polyunsaturated fatty acids so it is ideal for damaged, high porosity hair. Evening primrose oil also includes components that are useful for our skin and hair: zinc, vitamin E, magnesium, calcium, selenium, amino acids and phytosterols.