Corn is a plant known for thousands of years in, for example Mexico. It tastes great when boiled or marinated and enriches taste of many dishes. One of corn products is oil from corn germ.

We want to introduce to you, short knowledge compendium about this particular oil.

How does corn oil is obtained?

Corn oil is obtained in the process of cold pressing its germ, which are being separated during milling grain. The cold pressing process ensures the best qualities of corn oil to be preserved.

How does corn oil look like?

Oil is extracted from corn and has intense orange, or sometimes even slightly red shade and is quite thick. Refined version of the oil loses its intense colour and has golden or yellow shade.

What does corn oil consist of?

Properties of corn oil are a merit of diverse unsaturated fatty acids omega-6 and omega-3. Corn oil is rich in vitamin E, phytosterols, linoleic acid, oleic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid and much more other nourishing substances.

Is corn oil suitable for cooking?

Corn oil is mostly used in cooking, because it provides salads and sauces with great taste, but, it is not recommended for baking or frying. However, corn germ oil is not only used in kitchen. It has lots of medicinal and conditioning properties and can be used externally.

What properties does corn oil have?

Corn oil is a great source of nourishing ingredients, thanks to which it has calming, conditioning, medicinal or even anti-cancer properties. It holds strong position in the cosmetology.

What you can use corn oil for?

Rich in vitamin of youth, corn oil works perfectly in nourishment of skin – tapped directly in skin or added to creams and balms in aim to enrich it. Corn oil is a great option for hair oil treatment on dry and damp hair.

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