Siberian Pine nuts are the source of many vitamins and minerals that are necessary in the care of problematic hair type. Therefore, cedar oil that is obtained from Siberian Pine is perfect for people who struggle with dandruff, oily scalp and excessive hair loss. Let’s have a closer look at the magical properties of cedar oil.

Why have women appreciated cedar oil only recently? Until recently, this product was only popular in some regions of Russia. That is were the Siberian Pines grow, in the purest forests on Earth.

The cones of these trees store large seeds, which mostly consist of oil.

Cedar oil – components

Natural cedar oil is the source of many nutrients necessary for proper hair and skin care. It is rich in the following vitamins: large amounts of vitamin E, F, A; slightly less vitamin D and those from B group. Their effects are reinforced with micronutrients, such as: magnesium, manganese, iron, copper, phosphorous, iodine and 19 amino acids and fatty acids that are most essential in hair care.

What are the properties of cedar oil?

Cedar oil is perfect in the care of hair and scalp. It is well absorbed and its formula easily penetrates into the cells providing proper treatment from the inside. Oil is not overburdening or irritating. Therefore, it can be used not only on the hair ends but also at the roots. Full hair oiling is recommended because cedar oil:

  • has anti-inflammatory properties – perfectly deals with all adverse skin changes that can lead to hair weakening
  • regulates sebum secretion – it controls the level of sebum secretion that can also be the cause of oily scalp and scalp inflammations.
  • improves development – nourishes and strengthens cells which results in strong and healthy hair that grows longer and more resilient;
  • provides protection – neutralizes harmful effects of toxins and other harmful factors that can weaken hair and interfere with its normal development;
  • inhibits the growth of fungi and bacteria – it neutralises the pH of the scalp and cleans it. Therefore it is a lot easier to get rid of dandruff and prevent its recurrence.

To sum up, cedar oil is a great rejuvenating agent. It inhibits body cells aging proesses, nourishes and moisturises skin and strengthens hair. It stimulates its growth, provides lustre and resilience and also eliminates the most serious problems. Cedar oil is an effective anti-dandruff agent that also prevents oily hair.