Perfect restoration equals Repairing Elixir from L’Oreal? It has stolen hearts of many women and temps another with its vision of strong and truly healthy hair. This is one of few hair oils in this line. What is so different about this one?

Magical Power of Essential Oils is a hair care cosmetic line created by L’Oreal Paris with base in form of natural oils and vegetable extracts. These are substances holding the greatest conditioning potential. Thanks to them Repairing Elixir is so effective.

L’Oreal Paris Magical Power of Essential Oils Repairing Elixir

The secret lies in composition

L’Oreal Paris pays a lot of attention to their products being released to the market with perfectly developed composition. In this case, choice of active substances is also not coincidental.

Repairing Elixir Magical Power of Essential Oils is a combination of few flowery oils with concentrated formula. What are these oils?

Tahitian Gardenia oil cleanses cells of toxins and other harmful substances, while making them easier to remove from the inner hair structures; also nourishes. Lotus blossom oil easily penetrates inner hair structures, perfectly nourishes, regenerates and protects against harmful factors. Rose oil provides elasticity of hair, strengthens them and regulates ageing processes. Chamomile oil moisturises hair with simultaneous providing them with gloss and making them visibly softer. Linseed oil is a base for the elixir; it effectively nourishes, protects against premature hair loss and improves general hair condition.

Practical approach

L’Oreal cares about providing hair with maximum effectiveness and visible flower metamorphosis. Repairing Elixir from L’Oreal is a also very practical cosmetic. Its application takes only a moment, and it all thanks to pump, which increases efficiency of the product. Just 1 or 2 pumps are enough to cover hair with oil on their entire length. What’s crucial, Repairing Elixir Magical Power of Essential Oils can be applied on dry and wet hair, but also to finish hair style.