Versatile and natural cosmetic for hair, face and body does exist. It is called babassu oil, which perfectly moisturises, prevents premature ageing and firms. In contrary to the popular opinion it is suitable for dry and brittle hair. Here we explain why and will tell you what you should know about it.

Babassu oil can be easily bought in better drugstores with organic cosmetics, as well as on the Internet shops with semi-finished cosmetic products.

It is quite affordable, although not as the castor oil is, which has the lowest prize among cosmetics for hair.

Few words on babassu oil origins

Common to the Amazonia and Africa, attalea palm tree each year grows nuts used for cold pressing babassu oil. In fact, it has butter form, because it melts above the 25-30ºC. Due to its thick consistency it is used a bit different than other oils. It has to be first melted.

Babassu oil – properties

When it comes to the babassu oil composition, it is close to the coconut oil. Both products consists of high amount of lauric acid. This makes babassu butter melt perfectly on the human skin and be absorbed with no stickiness on its surface. It has similar action on hair. It penetrates its structure, so its properties are more than on the outer parts.

Babassu oil for hair. How does it work?

Natural babassu oil is particularly recommended for low porosity hair, i.e. the least damaged. It is best for this hair type, because small particles of saturated fatty acids provide the perfect protection. Babassu butter suits best straight, heavy, difficult in stylisation hair, that is subjected to unfavourable factors, such as: sun radiation.

  1. Makes combing easier, because it seals hair cuticles. Babassu oil eliminates roughness and brittleness of hair, which later on tangle less.
  2. Protects against sun radiation, due to fulfilling role of natural UV filter. Used in cosmetics for tanning, can protect hair against harmful radiation and high temperature.
  3. Prevents premature ageing of hair, that is protected against unfavourable factors, e.g. free radicals. Anti-age action due to high amount of vitamin E.
  4. Effectively moisturises hair and scalp. Babassu oil regulates lipid economy in skin, and retains water in hair; takes care of proper hydration level.