Sunflower seed oil has properties similar to olive oil or grape seed oil. It is still more often seen in the kitchen, despite of moisturising, strengthening and providing perfect gloss. If you want your hair to be velvety smooth in touch, try sunflower seed oil.

You probably didn’t know that, but sunflower comes from Spain. Sunflower seed oil is obtained in the process of mechanical cold pressing of seeds you love to eat. For culinary use, sunflower seed oil is refined, so its fatty acids proportions are changed. Sadly, this process strips away its all precious substances.

Sunflower seed oil for cosmetic purposes should be unrefined, though it is extremely difficult to get one like this.

What’s hidden in the sunflower?

Sunflower seed oil is a source of vitamins (e.g. E with antioxidant action). It consists of over 60% linoleic acid, which makes this oil perfect for care of damaged hair. It ensures regeneration to high porosity hair, that hair cuticles are raised and expose sensitive hair shaft. Beside acids and vitamins, sunflower seed oil contains also phospholipids, carotene and wax. All of them have determined properties.

Sunflower seed oil – action

Natural sunflower seed oil can rule not only in the kitchen. It will also perfectly take care of skin and hair, despite of being falsely unappreciated as an cosmetic ingredient.

  1. It penetrates hair and moisturises, nourishes and strengthens.
  2. Works as an emollient, builds protective and smoothing layer on the hair surface.

Sunflower seed oil for hair

Very often it is used in hair care, because it is precisely where it adds the vitality. It improves the condition, but most of all strengthening of the hair and complements deficits of nourishing substances. Sunflower seed oil for hair ends is recommended to nourish and protect them against split. Hair are provided with gloss and smoother. Perfect for damaged hair prone to breakage and falling out.