Home made cosmetics are starting to gain on popularity. Not only these are natural and safe, but also ensure us with nicely spend time while preparing them. One of products of this type is rosemary oil made on macerate base.

If you want to perform rosemary oil with macerate base, you should prepare following accessories and cosmetics: jar or dark glass bottle with a cap, unrefined and cold pressed oil, fresh rosemary and vitamin E.

To make this mixture you can use sunflower oil or olive oil. However, if you want to execute oil typical for hair care, use sesame, coconut or castor oil and mix it in proportions 3:1:1. There should be as much of rosemary that after blending you obtain half of the container. However, vitamin E extends products durability. Rosemary oil can be always enriched with other oils, like: cedar, basil, lavender, lemon or mint.

How to prepare rosemary oil with macerate? Crushed twigs of rosemary put in the blender. Mix is thoroughly then place in a clean container made of dark glass (it should take about half of the jar or bottle). Pour chosen oil on the rosemary, close the container and put aside in a sunny place. The time necessary for “incubating” needs to last at least two weeks; in this time twice a day shake the jar. After determined time macerate will thicken and darken, what means that it is almost ready for use. Drain the mixture and add vitamin E. Its amount depends on the jar’s volume. Your cosmetic for hair is ready.

With what can rosemary oil help you? The product is suitable both for skin and hair care. It consists of antioxidant properties, eliminates wrinkles and discolourations, helps with acne and makes skin firm. It holds anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, so it speeds up healing of minor wounds. Furthermore, it can be used for massage and aromatherapy as well as addition to a bath. It calms rheumatic pain, stimulates mind and improves concentration. On top of that, it boosts blood circulation, has anodyne quality and energizes.

Rosemary oil stimulates hair growth, strengthens hair bulbs and speeds up cells division in skin. It provides gloss, smoothers and tames hair. Oil makes even wild strands became more liable to stylisation. What is more, rosemary oil makes combing easier, speeds up drying time and protects hair against hot air released by some hairdresser’s equipment as well as causing dryness ingredients contained in washing cosmetics. It protects hair against harmful influence from external world, such as: pollution, sun radiation, salty and chlorinated water. Moreover, rosemary oil has beneficial impact on scalp’s condition. It regulates work of sebaceous glands, restores natural pH, prevents oily hair and eliminates dandruff.