Regularly used buriti oil can work wonders with our hair and – what is more – take care of the scalp. If applied on hair ends, quickly and effectively regenerates them and prevents split ends. It can also make the stylisation of hair much easier. On top of that, this oil strengthens hair bulbs, protects against all sorts of mechanical treatments leading to permanent hair damage: combing, backcomb, rollers, ponytail, rubbing when drying hair with a towel. It can also strengthen their resilience to high and low temperatures, drying, straightening, sun, freeze and cold wind. Oil will protect against pollution, salty and chlorinated water. Furthermore, it will help you quickly and effectively get rid of dandruff and oily hair.

Buriti oil contains lots of valuable ingredients, which make it so willingly chosen for hair oil treatment.

To the aforementioned substances count in fatty acids: lauric, oleic, palmitic, stearic and linoleic. These acids create natural protection on the outside and on the inside of our hair. They also guarantee elasticity and help eliminate pathogenic germs and free radicals causing loss of volume and ageing. At the same time they provide scalp with natural pH.

Buriti oil consists of high concentration of beta-carotene (not very common for vegetable oils) so it holds unheard of rejuvenating properties.

The accumulation of provitamins A, C, E, and antioxidants will make hair healthy, glossy and beautiful, and also provide … beautiful smell.

Hair oil treatment with buriti oil works mostly for dark and red hair (all shades of red, light brown through dark brown to black). The ladies with fair hair, may find red colour of essential oil slightly change the shade of locks by giving them a bit red hue. This is because oil has very intense, unusual, ruby colour. For this reason before hair oil treatment on the entire hair, check its action on one streak. Fortunately, on the market are available so many various oils that every woman will certainly find something for herself.