Davines hair stylists love roucou oil. It can be found in almost all cosmetics released by this brand. The oil is strong antioxidant, which protects hair against UV radiation, moisturises and prevents frizzing. What should you know about roucou oil?

Information on the tree from which roucou oil is obtained are often hidden under various names. In Latin the name is Bixa Orellana, but it can be also find as a Roucou, Annatto, Urucum or Achiote.

All of these names treat about the same plant valued by the native inhabitants of America, with protective and healing properties.

Roucou oil. Where does it come from?

In the tropical forests of the Amazon, grows a tree that every year produces the fruits resembling a little chestnuts in shells. In the spiky shell are hidden deep red seeds used for obtaining the roucou oil. These do not contain much oil, so for pressing a litre of roucou oil are required lots of seeds.

What does roucou oil contain?

Let’s take a closer look at the red roucou seeds. Cold pressing makes this oil preserve all the precious ingredients, that are to be found in the fruits. And these are most of all an enormous amount of bixin. This is a colourant responsible for the colour of the seeds. However, this is not the only great ingredient when it come to hair care. Roucou oil consists of also: magnesium, calcium, selenium, vitamin A and antioxidant in form of vitamin E.

Therefore… what is the action of roucou oil?

Natural roucou oil is believed to be one of the best antioxidants. It holds strong properties of this sort, so it effectively prevents ageing processes in skin and hair cells. Used on regular basis, roucou oil improves elasticity, provides softness and repairs weaken keratin structure.

Roucou oil action on hair:

  • easier combing,
  • prevents frizzing and fly-away hair,
  • inhibits premature grey hair,
  • protects against the sun radiation,
  • preserves hydration level.