Did Aborigines use cosmetics? Whether formerly people cared about conditioning? Were few hundred years ago used macadamia oil for hair? Yes! For ages, humans used natural methods for skin and hair care. It is, however, a misconception that indigenous people do not care about hygiene and beauty. What’s interesting, use of natural vegetable extracts for beautiful appearance is nothing new!

For several years there’s been noted increasing return to natural methods of care.

More and more often we tend to quit cosmetics with artificial ingredients. We read compositions and choose cosmetics while taking into consideration their active substances accordingly to the problem. Nonetheless, natural care is nothing new, because it was used for ages. It is best observed on the example of Australian macadamia oil.

In the subtropical rain forest, in the North of Australia, grows Macadamia ternifolia tree. It grows up to a dozen feet high, is evergreen, and its leaves are leathery and lustrous. The nuts of this tree remind a bit of European hazelnuts, even though are larger and harder. These small seeds have a hard shell that needs to be crushed with special machines. It is difficult to do this yourself so as not to upset the delicate, edible interior. Macadamia nuts are some of the sweetest and the best in the world.

The indigenous people of Australia use Macadamia tree not only to obtain the tasty nuts. Yes, eating them greatly improves health, but this is not their only advantage. For centuries, the Aborigines produced macadamia nut oil, which they used … for care! Extraction of macadamia oil is not a simple task, but the tribes found method for that. To split nuts they used hard stones. From inside was extruded oil, which is up to 78% of the pulp. This way was extracted macadamia oil for cosmetic use and for human consumption.

Those were the shells of macadamia nuts that intrigued the settlers, who came to Australia. Their interest led to investigation of nuts origin and settlers came to some interesting conclusions. Macadamia nut was discovered in the 50s in the 19th century by German-Australian botanist. Ferdinand von Mueller named his finding after his friend, John Macadam. It is in this period when the cultivation of Macadamia trees was popularized. Macadamia oil properties were in detail described by the Scottish botanist, Walter Hill. Since then, Macadamia oil for hair and body is gaining more and more popularity.