Sesame oil is extracted from sesame seeds. So that it would preserve its all precious properties, seeds must be cold pressed and oil unrefined. This way is obtained sesame oil, which hits not only the culinary world, but also the cosmetology – becomes an ingredient in face and hand creams, hair conditioners and many other cosmetics for skin and hair care.

Sesame oil is great as an individual “greasy” cosmetic for nourishment and hair regeneration.

Natural oils provide hair with the ultimate regeneration, protection and make strands look beautiful. Sesame oil ensures hair with gloss and elasticity, so that hair was full of life and visibly softer in touch.

Thanks to the diversity of fatty acids omega-9 and omega-6, sesame oil is suitable for both medium porosity hair and extremely damaged high porosity hair with advanced matte surface.

Sesame oil is frequently added to the cosmetics for sun protection, because it contains UV filter with high factor, which can effectively protect hair against sun radiation and effects of photo-ageing.

If used on regular basis for hair oiling, sesame oil will allow getting rid of dandruff and eliminate dryness, leaving skin clean and well taken care of. Thanks to it, hair will have ensured the best conditions for growth. Its unique properties and right size of the particles make sesame oil able to penetrate inner hair structures and deeply nourish it as well as improve hair bulbs work by strengthening them. Hair stop falling out and grow faster. Moreover, regular use of sesame oil not only regenerates hair, but also aids its beauty and prevents frizz.