Someone once said that beauty requires sacrifice. If you consider using a few simple rules a sacrifice, then it’s the truth – because if you want your hair to be beautiful and healthy, you only need to remember about 5 things. What things? You’ll learn all about it for the below manual for the beginners.

Hair is one of those elements that a lot depends on. It is an integral part of every stylization and on its condition depends how we will look and feel. It is worth learning a bit more about it to take better care of the hair. In this post, you’ll learn the recipe for beautiful hair, and all you need for it is five ingredients!


How to take care of hair? Here are five simple rules thanks to which hair care will finally provide some effects and hair will look better, stronger, and regain its beauty.

Rule 1.
The best treatment for hair is… healthy diet.

No matter how many cosmetics for hair there is on your bathroom shelf and how good composition those have. The substances that you deliver on the outside are just a small part of what hair needs. The most important is diet because if your organism is dehydrated and lacks nutrients, then hair, nails, and skin will suffer from it. The base for your health is a balanced diet rich in omega fatty acids, vitamins (e.g. biotin), and minerals (especially zinc, silicon, and selenium).

Rule 2.
Hair does not need these many cosmetics.

This someone who once said that the way to gorgeous hair is pathed with an arsenal of hair masks, shampoos, lotions, mists, and oils… was wrong. When using too many cosmetics, you can weigh hair down, clog follicles, and trigger inflammation or dandruff. The power of hair care is in choosing the best cosmetic and use an absolute minimum because only then hair have the possibility to preserve balance and healthy appearance. In this case, the less is more.

Rule 3.
The most dangerous to hair is the sun and temperature.

The key point in hair care is protection. Who fails to protect their hair against harmful external factors will never achieve the desired effects. The greatest enemy of hair is heat, e.g. during the stylization and UV radiation from sun exposure. You can use the best regenerative hair masks, but you can never repair hair if you do not start protecting it. Sometimes hair oil treatment using oil with heat protection properties is all you need as a natural UV filter, e.g. argan oil.

Rule 4.
Hair oil can replace almost anything.

Here’s where another tip comes in, which is that natural oil (best cold-pressed and unrefined) is a beauty must-have of every woman. It can be used not just for the skin and nails, but also for the hair – for hair oil treatment, for hair ends protection, as a UV filter, to ease combing and stylization, to get rid of scalp related issues. You should consider having at least one or maybe even two or three oils at hand.

Rule 5.
Hydration is something all hair types deserve.

Lastly, something that is quite obvious, and yet we tend to forget about it – hydration. The human body is made mostly of water, that is why you should deliver it from inside and out, e.g. through hair and skin care. Healthy, strong, smooth, and bouncy hair is well-hydrated hair. It is a great idea to use conditioner or hair mask with humectants, i.e. ingredients that deliver water inside the hair. In the meantime, we would like to debunk one myth: oily hair also needs hydration!