Have you ever wondered why castor oil is available in such small bottles? It usually comes in 25-50 ml glass vial. It is because castor oil is extremely dense and efficient. In comparison with other natural oils, you need two times less castor oil for the conditioning treatment thus it holds out longer. For instance: if you use argan or rose oil for hair oiling, you need a tablespoon of the product whereas in case of castor oil you should use the half of the amount. Otherwise, you may weigh your hair down and it will be extremely difficult to wash the oil away.

How to use castor oil to enjoy the best possible results in hair care?

1. Castor oil applied to the scalp.

Half of tablespoon is enough for oiling hair and scalp. It is a dense oil, therefore you must be careful during the application and gradually dose the amount. Rub the oil slowly in the scalp until it is all covered with the preparation. The massage of the scalp will strengthen the hair bulbs and improve blood supply.

Now, comb your hair to spread the oil evenly throughout the entire length of hair. If your hair ends get dry and damaged easily, rub a few drops of the oil in the ends to provide them with intensive care. As a consequence, you will deliver better protection of hair ends which are most prone to damage. It is advisable to leave the oil on hair overnight so that it penetrates deep into hair and scalp. If you don’t have time, wash the oil away after minimum an hour.

2. Castor oil applied to hair ends.

There is no need to spend lots of money to get an excellent serum for damaged hair ends. You only have to reach out for an inexpensive and widely available castor oil. It is really dense thus it is easily applied and prevents frizzy, rough and unruly ends. It will protect them from splitting and various mechanical treatments which may damage their delicate structure. It is enough to rub a few drops of the oil in hair ends. You can do it every morning after brushing your hair.

In order to provide hair with the best possible protection and nourishing, you can combine both treatments: do hair oiling at least once a week whereas use castor oil as a serum even every day.

Castor oil offers our hair protection and strength. It boosts its growth, protects from unfavourable weather conditions, moisturises and makes it silky smooth. Good luck!