Fatigued hair that falls out, gets matte and loses its shine is every other woman’s nightmare. Today, the condition of hair doesn’t only deteriorate due to beauty procedures such as coloring or frequent blow drying. UV rays, urban pollution, smog, dry A/C air – these create additional burden for hair. How to strengthen hair from its roots and improve its structure and intensify the color? Castor Oil is the rescue – a long-know natural hair therapy. Are you looking for the best castor oil? If you do, then you can be sure that Nanoil won’t let you down.

Keep reading to find out what you can gain thanks to the best oil extracted from castor oil plant.

Nanoil Castor Oil: Why This Oil?

Castor Oil by Nanoil is an entirely natural oil obtained due to cold pressing, is unrefined and 100% organic; no additives, parabens, silicones or synthetic preservatives. These very qualities prove that each drop of castor oil offers you the highest quality. In short, Nanoil Castor Oil is the pure essence of what is the best in seeds of beautiful Ricinus communis.

Nanoil Castor Oil: Effect on Hair

What’s so incredible about this inconspicuous oil? Firstly, almost 90% of its entire composition is made from organic fatty acid (ricinoleic acid), which doesn’t occur in other oils. Secondly, castor oil also features minerals and vitamins A and E. Thirdly, castor oil is surprisingly similar to human keratin. This very quality makes it a strong conditioner that heals up even the most damaged, weakened and thinning hair. For a few years now, castor oil remains one of the world’s best hair care oils because it:

  • Accelerates Hair Growth
    When applied to scalp regularly, Castor Oil stimulates micro-circulation of blood and encourages accelerated hair growth. It awakens sleeping bulbs and adds body to hair.
  • Limits Hair Loss
    Castor Oil reinforces hair and limits its thinning which is caused by weak hair follicles. Perfect for dealing with seasonal hair loss.
  • Boosts Shine Effectively
    Castor Oil creates a protective layer around each hair shaft which prevents mechanical damage. It leaves hair shiny, smoothed out and soft.

Nanoil Castor Oil: Extra Beauty Benefits

It appears that Castor Oil can do more than just produce outstanding effects on hair. It turns out that castor oil is recognized as a perfect eyelash and eyebrow conditioner too – it offers one of the finest solutions to reinforce and regenerate even severely damaged hair.

Furthermore, cosmetologists discovered that castor oil is perfect for cleansing face, helps get rid of all impurities that gathered on its surface and removes makeup without problems. For that reason castor oil gained such popularity and is commonly used in oil blends for OCM (oil cleansing method). The truth is, this treatment with castor oil allows you to take off dirt and sebum as well as moisturize, condition and protect skin against damage.

naonoil castor oil two bottles

Nanoil Castor Oil: Rate and Review

For some time now Nanoil Castor Oil has been receiving many favorable reviews mainly because it positively surprises its users with how easy to apply it is and how stunning effects it’s able to produce. This deprived of preservatives and additives oil is certified by Ecocert. Only Nanoil Castor Oil is extracted from carefully selected seeds. Undoubtedly, its packaging is well-designed and the bottle holds more oil than most similar products do (50 ml instead of regular 30 ml or even 15 ml). This makes it an ideal hair care product that allows you to use it for a few long months. For example, you can use it as:

  • scalp mask/conditioner
  • hair repair treatment (you can mix it with other oils)
  • eyebrow and eyelash conditioner
  • damage nail treatment (hand and foot)
  • hair end serum
  • cleansing agent in oil blends for OCM
  • night eye serum
  • hand and foot oil soak

Do you want to learn more about the finest castor oil? Go on nanoil.us/castor-oil