Hair oils do not necessarily need to have liquid and clear formula. Oil based products are equally effective with, e.g. creamy formula. Great example for it is hair conditioner for dry and matte hair, Pure Care Dry Oil from Dove Advanced Hair Series.

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil is a line of four products for hair care that includes: shampoo, conditioner and two oils. Quite interesting product is hair conditioner for dry and matte hair in this line.

Dove made sure that their product will be easy in use, but also effective and exceptionally rich in essential nourishing substances.

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil conditioner consists of three vegetable oils.

– Extremely nourishing properties are provided by coconut oil, that is irreplaceable source of zinc, potassium and magnesium for hair. It seals raised hair cuticles, so it is suitable for conditioning of dry streaks. The least raised cuticles the least water loss.

– Source of essential fatty acids omega-7 (palmitoleic) is macadamia oil. It is responsible for almost all processes in hair. This oil’s properties are rejuvenation, prevention of water loss, smoother and beautification of strands.

– Nonetheless, vitamin bomb for hair is sweet almond oil with high content of vitamin A and E. Both vitamins are responsible for inhibiting ageing processes of hair. Almond oil makes hair bouncy, regenerated, moisturised and strengthened.

Formula of Dove Advanced Hair Series Pure Care Dry Oil:

Oil conditioner for dry and matte hair Pure Care Dry Oil is nothing else but conditioning cream. In a plastic tube is locked 250 ml/8.5 oz of the product with oil base and beautiful honey and caramel scent. Such amount of quite thick formula lasts for long time and it should be acknowledged that Dove Pure Care Dry Oil is a very efficient cosmetic.

Application of this hair conditioner shouldn’t cause any greater problems. Small amount of Dove Advanced Hair Series Pure Care Dry Oil apply on hair and rub on the entire hair length, but ignore hair roots. It is best to do it on still damp hair and rinse it after about 15 minutes.